Download Blitzkrieg (PC)

Blitzkrieg (PC)
Blitzkrieg (PC)
PC game | Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy | Publisher: cdv Software | 155 Mb

Eisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov; Assume your rightful place among the great generals commanding the Allies, Germans or Soviets as they advance through the decisive battles of WWII. Blitzkrieg is the latest development in WWII real-time strategy gaming combining flexibility, historic accuracy and endless playability into one of the most challenging and enjoyable games yet

Blitzkrieg (PC)


* Flexible campaign structure that frees you from standard difficulty and level settings

* Historically accurate campaigns where you lead the Allies, Germans or Soviets through actual WWII battles in real time.

* Mission and Resource editors let you create new campaigns, chapters and missions as well as completely modify the game environment and units.

* Realistically rendered 3D terrain including over 350 various buildings and objects.

* Command over 200 types of military vehicles and equipment and more than 40 different infantry units that interact naturally, based on their actual physical properties and characteristics.

* Build bridges, dig trenches and pits, lay mines, resupply and repair units and call in air support when needed.

* Battles feature different seasons, climate zones, and weather conditions that affect game play.

* Multiplayer LAN and Internet support

Hardware Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 8.1
366 MHz Pentium II / Athlon
8 MB 3D videocard Riva TNT
1 GB hard disk space


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